Buying Motives new automotive model

Community Insights for an Automobile Manufacturer

The Question

An automobile manufacturer wants to generate insights for a model version. He wants to know in detail what the buying motives for the model are, which motives dominate the competitive model, what is particularly negative and particularly positive and finally, which target group can be convinced with which buying motive.

The Answer

Using our Community Insights, it is possible to identify sentiments, target groups and buying motives. This knowledge is the basis for concrete recommendations for action and specific steps to be taken. New target groups emerge or previous target groups can be described in more detail.

In our example, for example, it was ascertained that the terms “costs and price” and “service” had negative connotations, while the terms “holiday”, “camping” and “available space” were especially positive. This clearly shows that pet owners, camping enthusiasts and sportspeople with bulky sports equipment are a relevant target group.

The automobile manufacturer can now reach specific target groups like these through marketing measures with relevant content. Advertising materials can be adapted precisely to the purchase motives determined in order to reach the corresponding emotional level. In keeping with these buying motives, Schober provides target groups from almost 60 million consumer data with around 400 attributes for multi-channel campaigns.

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