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Geofarming with Event-Sponsoring

The Question

An automobile manufacturer sponsors numerous events in order to boost its brand recognition. For sponsors, however, visitors to the event are anonymous and not individually known. The automobile manufacturer would like to know how the visitors of the event are demographically distributed and what buying habits they have. It would like to use this information to adapt its marketing strategy and optimise its appearance at future events.

In addition, the visitors to the events will be approached subsequently for advertising purposes in order to invite them to take a test drive. Until now the automobile manufacturer did not have the possibility to follow up with the anonymous visitors of the events.

The Answer

The goal is to get a precise picture of the visitors and to generate new leads. In the above case, it became evident that a very affluent audience from upscale residential areas is present at the events of this series. As a result, the focus of the message was changed to a different, more luxurious model from the manufacturer.

In addition, the information could be used to display advertisements on visitors’ mobile devices. The range could be increased even further by creating statistical twins. The performance campaign was aimed at generating test drives and newsletter subscriptions. All established DSPs such as Google DoubleClick, AppNexus or MediaMath can be used for digital communication. The IDs can also be used for campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

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